Lower Income Group Housing

Services:     Architecture Design, Prototype Design
Location:    Bhopal
Client:        MP Housing and Infrastructure

As part of the Nation Wide Initiative of “Housing for All”, High rise LIG housing prototype was developed to be used at multiple sites in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The idea was to create a housing campus which creates a sense of belonging in the minds of the vulnerable sector as well as provide them with the facilities and opportunities which can help them grow and live a life of dignity and prosperity. The Design considers the Hierarchy of needs described by psychologist and philosopher Abraham Maslow. Exposed brick Facades have in been used to reduce the cost of development and bring a sense of ownership among the users. Large Balconies have been provided for the self-actualization and realization needs of the users where they can perform their daily chores. Parking has been provided at the ground floor along with common sitting spaces for the old. A community gathering platform is created by bridging two building together hence creating a covered space alongside a courtyard which again can be used for the social as well as communal interaction.

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