Sukhmani Niwas

Sukhmani Niwas

Services:        Interiors
Location:       Jhansi
Client:           Dilip Parecha

A-30 , Ramnath City is an example of how Modern Interiors blend with Classical elements Creating a Home that Reflects the Taste and Nature of its Occupants.

This 4500 Sq.Ft Row House Villa is equipped with 4 large Bedrooms( Two on each Floor) and Super Size Living areas on multiple levels. The use of Green walls in the terraces and balconies bring home the feeling of nature living. With Inteligent Washrooms and minimilist Automations, this Paradise majorly depends on Natural day Light and ventilation for its comfort.

Luxury Finishes in the varandah makes it a welcoming Reception and not a Early Interaction Arena only. he idea was to make every bit of the space true to its occupants and their guest.


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