Modern marvel blending form, function, and timeless architectural elegance seamlessly
Modern marvel blending form, function, and timeless architectural elegance seamlessly
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Architecture Design​​

Rurban Design Lab offers comprehensive architectural solutions with a focus on client direction, site impact, and clear communication, ensuring professional guidance from concept to completion.​

Interior Design​

Rurban Design Lab offers comprehensive interior design services, managing every aspect from initial concepts to final execution with expertise and customization

Landscape services​

We specializes in landscape architecture, enhancing environments for community well-being and sustainability through expert restoration and design.​

Project Management​

Rurban Design Lab offers comprehensive Construction Management Services, streamlining project phases from design to execution with expert guidance, innovation, and client-centric collaboration.

We unite architects, designers, engineers, and planners in a collective pursuit, forging a collaborative force to construct a brighter tomorrow through innovative design and strategic planning.

Sustainable Development in Building and the Environment

In pursuit of sustainable development in construction, integrating eco-friendly practices and materials minimizes environmental impact. Energy-efficient designs, renewable resources, and waste reduction contribute to resilient structures that harmonize with the environment. Striking a balance ensures a lasting legacy of both architectural innovation and ecological stewardship.

Rurban Design Lab pioneers eco-villages by emphasizing sustainable architecture and harnessing natural resources. With a vision to reduce carbon footprint, the lab integrates innovative design principles, promoting self-sufficiency and harmony with nature. This forward-thinking approach transforms rural landscapes into thriving hubs of eco-conscious living.

Principle Architect & Founder

Sustainable Civic Innovation

Revolutionizing governance through sustainable practices. Join the movement; together, we shape a future where civic initiatives thrive, guided by eco-conscious innovation. #SustainableGovernment


Civic Innovation and Government

Our Culture

We are a team of professional architects and designers, offering a dynamic environment where you can explore, learn, and earn. Join our team to be part of an exciting journey in the world of architecture and design.

Step into our studio where a culture of well-being flourishes among architects, designers, and engineers. We prioritize a healthy work environment, nurturing our team’s growth. Collaboration is our mantra, as we synergize talents to create inspiring designs. Join us and embark on a fulfilling career in architecture and design innovation.

Rurban Design Lab Principle 

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