The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bihar, presents the Eco Village at Treveni Sangam, located at Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary, nestled along the banks of River Gandak on the Indian-Nepal border. This sanctuary is a haven for eco-tourism enthusiasts, offering a sustainable retreat amidst nature’s embrace.

Every aspect of the Eco Village embodies eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability, ensuring a luxurious yet adventurous lifestyle for vacationers seeking harmony with nature.

Featuring 10 cottages and 2 family villas, along with dedicated dining and reception blocks, this destination caters to those craving a blend of comfort and excitement during their getaway.

The entire landscape has been meticulously designed to preserve 100% natural levels and vegetation. Mud-finished exteriors, complemented by eco-friendly treated thatch roofs, offer a sight that soothes the soul and connects visitors with the essence of nature.

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