Chulewala, a Fine Dine Indian Restrobar, was conceived with the aim of revolutionizing outdoor dining into a new and exciting experience for delightful evenings. Subtle lighting combined with a magnificent water mirror at the center creates an ambiance akin to candlelight, setting the stage for your next special moment, intimately connected to your soul.

Gazebos grace the space, not only shielding against unpredictable weather but also fostering a sense of privacy and the refreshing embrace of open air, a rarity in many affordable dining experiences.

A central pavilion, complete with an HVAC system and a well-stocked bar counter, caters to every mood and weather condition, ensuring comfort and enjoyment for all patrons.

Large and exquisitely crafted restrooms represent the next frontier in the Indian food industry, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, ensuring that every aspect of your dining experience at Chulewala is nothing short of exceptional.

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